“At the heart of everything we do”

If there’s room in your life for a friend, we can help. One of our team of care and support workers can visit you or accompany you and add a vital human element to your day. They will be more than just a passing acquaintance. They will become a trusted, friendly companion, to have a laugh and joke with, and share some of your interests.

Companionship is central to all our services – your support worker will love to find out how you are and learn more about your life as they have a cup of tea with you or iron, do laundry, or prepare your meal. Companionship can therefore play a vital role in helping you to maintain the quality of life you deserve, especially if your loved ones live a distance away

The following are just a few of the companion care services that we offer:

♦    Social events and friend visits

♦    Shopping and errands

♦    Personal correspondence and memoirs

♦    Prompts and reminders

♦    Scrapbooking

♦    Gardening

♦    Home projects

♦    Safety and security

And more…

This is all about you

It’s your choice how much and what kind of companionship support you have, and how often you want it. Please feel free to ask us about your personal needs.

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