Home from Hospital

It can be un-nerving for your loved ones to return home after spending time in hospital. You may be concerned about how your loved ones will cope without the support of hospital staff.

By enabling you to plan your care requirements prior to leaving hospital, we can provide the peace of mind that your or your loved one’s  recovery at home will be comfortable, and that you’ll receive the extra support you need.

Put your mind at ease

We can visit you or your loved one in hospital to find out exactly how we can help. We’ll even organise for your chosen support worker to visit your loved one in hospital, so that they can get to know each other before the support begins at home. This approach can help your loved one to feel more comfortable about the prospect of receiving home care.

How can we Help

We can prepare the home ready for your loved one’s return, including setting up a temporary bedroom downstairs, if needed. We can also work with suppliers to install any necessary mobility equipment.

We can collect your loved one and take them home

We can help with simple domestic chores such as cleaning or cooking to personal care such as washing, dressing, getting in/out of bed.

We can provide health and wellbeing support, including collecting prescriptions, help with taking prescribed medication, and attending healthcare appointments.

Companionship: it’s normal to feel low after an operation or a fall, so our support workers can be a useful distraction, supporting with hobbies/interests, trips out, or just enjoying conversation.

The Next Step

We’re here to help, so contact us now if you’d like to start arranging care for you or a loved one.

You can talk to one of our friendly team Member on 01953 797130 or get in touch using our contact form