Help at Home

Housekeeping and help around the home

Help around the home can be a necessity for older people as they start to find everyday tasks such as making beds, doing laundry, making meals etc. increasingly arduous.

We offer practical home help for the elderly, those with disabilities, with mental illness, and anyone who struggles to get practical tasks done in the household. Our team takes as much pride in looking after our customers’ homes as they do in looking after their own. Often a helping hand around the home is all you or your loved one may need to stay completely independent at home.

Our services cover all types of domestic tasks, shopping and meal preparation and household management. Simply pick and choose the services you need, and feel free to add to them over time, or change them for others. A short list of services we offer is given below:

♦    Vacuuming the home or cleaning floors

♦    Tidying and dusting

♦    Preparing and cooking meals

♦    Doing the washing up

♦    Going to the shops with you, or for you

♦    Assistance with managing medicines

♦    Pet care like feeding or walking the dog

♦    Household management such as help with letters and emails.

♦    Running Errands

Many people combine some practical home help with some personal care as often, it is both that are needed.

Why Use us?

It’s tailored to your needs: Wherever you need help around the home, we can help. We can even help outside the home, with running errands and shopping trips.

You’re in control: You decide what you want help with, how often you’d like us to come along and how long you’d like us to stay.

You enjoy time with a friendly face: Your support worker will always find the time to have a cup of tea, to share a story and catch up with you while they’re ironing or making your lunch. It’s this social interaction with a friend that makes our service so valuable to our customers.

We treat your home with the utmost care: Your support worker will take as much pride in looking after your home as they do their own.

We also help with arranging and planning a trip out, visits to friends and family, and support with social activities like attending a local coffee morning, social clubs, bingo, or the cinema.

Get in Touch

We’re here to help, so contact us now if you’d like to start arranging care for you or a loved one.

You can talk to one of our friendly team Member on 01953 797130 or get in touch using our contact form